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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another School Uses Bullies Against Disabled Child

A twelve year old boy with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism, is hospitalized with a cracked skull now, because his classmates at Liberty Middle School in Liberty Missouri thought that beating him up in the cafeteria was a good example of social skills. A bigger kid took the boy's backpack and moved it away from his seat, during lunch. After all, why not? Who is an autistic child to argue with a big, athletic, monster whose behavior is reinforced by a school that does nothing to stop constant assaults by the same bully? After all, in unified school districts, each school can pretty much do as it pleases, and bullies are a great way to get rid of disabled students.

The administration of the public school in Frankfort, Kansas attempted the same with a disabled child in the same grade as the child who was injured at Liberty Middle School. The principal waited until the state and federal "enrollment dollars" came in for each student, then encouraged some bigger boys, two grades ahead of the disabled child, to beat him up in a shower stall in the boys locker room. No teacher was present at the time. Afterward, the principal, Dean Dalinghaus, called the boy's parents and lied, blaming the boy!  He was actually planning to expel the victim, because he doesn't like autistic children. The truth came out when one of the bullies bragged about the incident to the disabled child's older sister. Dean Dalinghaus almost crapped himself when he found out that the Americans With Disabilities Act is a real thing.

At Liberty Middle School, there have been other incidents involving the same bully and the same victim. In the past, the school has ignored all of it. This time, the victim spent four days in the hospital with serious injuries, so ignoring it and telling the parent that her child is not as important as a football player was not an option. Because of that, Liberty Middle School is "investigating the incident". So are police: the bully is currently in juvenile detention. Frankfort, on the other hand, did not bother to take any action against bullying.

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