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Saturday, February 21, 2015

I'm Brenda Kidder, And I Resent This Message

What a week for Terri Horman, sometime step parent of Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his second grade class in Portland, Oregon, in June of 2010! It seems that a non-profit organization called Shangri La, which serves disabled and otherwise vulnerable adults and children, hired Terri Horman to work directly with persons who have physical and mental disabilities. The fact that Terri Horman continues as the main focus of Kyron's missing persons case and that there is a permanent family protection order barring her from any contact with her former husband and daughter did not matter to Shangri La. Neither did Terri's employment
history, which included termination from a teaching position because she was abusive toward an autistic child. This raised a few eyebrows in the surrounding communities, and phone calls were made, by concerned citizens, on behalf of the clients of Shangri La.

Early last week, some flyers with Kyron's picture and contact information for law enforcement were placed near Shangri La's Eugene campus. This should not have been a problem; pictures of missing people and contact information for law enforcement are often posted in public. Shangri La responded to this by sending some of it's employees out and about to take Kyron's pictures down. Later, one of them personally stated to a volunteer that Kyron's pictures were somehow "hurting" Shangri La's clients! When the flyers were replaced, Shangri La called police, but police determined that the public display of flyers bearing pictures of missing children is not a crime. Not satisfied, Terri Horman attempted to persuade the court to grant a "no stalking" order against Stacey Green, an activist from a neighboring state, but the court declined, asking Terri Horman if she would be terribly offended if she was asked to take her silly-assed problem to the office down the hall. Okay, maybe they didn't say that, but we know it's on everyone's mind!

Yesterday, Terri Horman resigned from her most auspicious position at Shangri La, because there were flyers bearing Kyron Horman's picture on display within her line of sight. Could there be a more dumbass reason to quit one's job? "Hello? Prospective employer? I resigned from my position at my last place of employment because I didn't like some posters that were placed at the bus stop and at the post office near the building." How ridicules will that sound? Terri obviously isn't interested in maintaining employment. What's even more bizarre is Shangri La's response to the Oregonian, when a reporter telephoned for verification. Brenda Kidder, Shangri La's director of development and community engagement, (they should just change her title to "emperor of ice cream") verified Terri's resignation, but also said "I resent this message." Oh well, Brenda Kidder's not running for office, so she is not obligated to say, "I approve this message!"


Anonymous said...

She is not an activist she is a trouble maker and an online bully. She has no job and fills all her time up online inserting herself into a missing person case hoping to become known. This is my opinon.

Juli Henry said...

To each his own. Without people who are willing to keep everyone interested in finding missing children, the general public, sadly, loses interest. If, by keeping everyone's attention focused on missing children, she fits the description of a troublemaker in your opinion, then you must have ulterior motives for not wanting attention drawn to crimes that have not been resolved. Would you rather have missing people just be forgotten?

If you want to see online bullying, look no further than Terri Horman's cohorts.