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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jailhouse Confession In Lyon Sisters Case

Does anyone remember March 25, 1975, when Sheila and Katherine Lyon, of Maryland, disappeared from Wheaton Plaza? Almost forty years have gone by, with virtually nothing in the way of answers, then a tip was suddenly shared late in 2013. Information and testimony led law enforcement away from Maryland and into Thaxton Virginia, specifically, Taylor's Mountain. Several sites were examined and dug up, and a woman named Patricia Welch was arrested in Virginia for lying to the grand jury about the case.  The newest tidbit of information is that a couple of days ago, a Delaware prisoner by the name of Lloyd Lee Welch admitted that he was a passenger in the car that left Wheaton Plaza with the girls!

After forty years, a backhanded confession. Lloyd Lee Welch still does not admit any contact with them after leaving Wheaton Plaza in the same car with both girls, but by the end of the first day they were missing, it's almost certain that he knew police were searching for them. So why didn't he share his informational gem in 1975? A response from Mr. Welch is not anticipated, as he currently sits in prison because of his inappropriate and unlawful approach to prepubescent girls. He also gave an account to law enforcement in 1975 about the whole thing, omitting, of course, the part about his own presence in the getaway car. A polygraph that was administered at the time indicated that Mr. Welch was deceptive. The only reason he was taken terribly seriously in recent efforts has to do with his intimate knowledge of certain details about this case; the few details that are possessed by law enforcement.

It has also been clarified in recent days that at least one set of remains has been recovered from a dig site on Taylor's Mountain. The process of identifying the remains is still in the works, and hopefully, John and Mary Lyon will get some answers about what happened to their daughters almost forty years ago.

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